GBS Events


November 14th, 14:30-17:00

The GBSessions this semester have been as fascinating as they have been diverse. Next Wednesday, November 14th, we’re keeping up the trend, exploring the world of Contemporary art and how its marketed on social media, as well as uncovering what it takes to build a sustained culture of innovation within your company.

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming GBSessions.

15:30 – 16:00: Please note that there will be a networking session between both talks. Both speakers will be present during the break and the students in attendance have the chance to chat with them informally over a coffee, asking any burning questions they might have.

Session #1

When: November 14th, 2018, from 14:30 to 15:30

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Mr. Enric Bayó

Topic: How to become an innovative company

A note from Mr. Bayó:

“We are experiencing one of the most intense periods of change in history (globalization, technological advances, hyperconnectivity, scarcity of resources, social changes, etc.).

To ensure a company’s future competitiveness against this complex, dynamic and constantly changing background, occasional innovation is no longer enough. Today, the great challenge for companies is not to innovate occasionally, but rather to do so on a sustained and systematic basis. Each company needs to construct its own innovation model. A model that permits the company to respond/adapt to market changes in a fast, flexible and profitable way.”

About the speaker

As Head of Innovation Management at ACCIÓ, a Catalan competitiveness agency, Enric Bayó‘s mission and passion are to help companies from the public and private sector become constantly more innovative. An expert in providing solutions for companies to tap into their innovative potential and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace, Mr. Bayó believes that “the capacity to innovate is one of the few lasting competitive advantages.”

Mr. Bayó holds a Master of Business Administration from ESADE and Master in Industrial Engineering from UPC.

Session #2

When: November 14th, 2018, from 16:00 to 17:00

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Diana Di Nuzzo 

Topic: Managing art exhibitions and collections: How to plan a social media strategy for Contemporary art business

A note from Mrs. Di Nuzzo:

“During this session, we will analyze Contemporary Art business cases coming directly from the Art World. Thanks to Internet the way to deal with contacts and visual imagery has changed a lot. Artists finally have the chance to promote themselves and talk directly to their crowds. The session will focus on the changing landscape of promotion and marketing of art and art exhibitions. My will is to help the artists to learn how to represent themselves in an effective and strategic way. So, no more local thinking:  Art is a worldwide business and it is important to develop a global presence.”

About the speaker

Mrs. Di Nuzzo a journalist and a photographer with a focus on New Contemporary art and social media. Her work has brought her to explore the New Contemporary Art scenes, interview many artists and write for several media outlets in cities such as London, New York, and Barcelona.

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Mrs. Di Nuzzo holds a master’s degree in Semiotics from the University of Bologna.