GBSessions: Mid-November

The mid-November GBSessions on our Barcelona campus will feature Bassem Fawaz and Eva Sabater

Fawaz will kick off the event at 14:30, before a networking break from 15:30 to 16:00. Both speakers will mingle during the pause, giving students the opportunity to ask any questions and to get to know each other. After the break, Sabater’s one-hour conference will round up a day of cutting-edge learning.

Bassem Fawaz conference Digital Transformation - New Opportunities Every Minute

Session #1

Date & Time: 13 November 14:30 – 15:30

Where: Geneva Business School Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Bassem Fawaz

Topic: Digital Transformation – New Opportunities Every Minute

Bassem Fawaz’s talk will focus on his own experiences of doing business in the world of IT. He will look at how to generate opportunities in this booming market. Data is the new oil in our current time, so there are plenty of ways to capitalize on how to use it. On a more personal level, Fawaz will also reflect on how important it is to invest in yourself.


About the speaker


Bassem Fawaz is a performance-driven information technology expert with over 16 years of experience in enterprise architecture, data integration, business and project development management, software development in java with expertise in IBM WebSphere, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, big data, cloud computing, data science, project management, customer relationship management and business process management.

His experience within the world of technology has seen him hold a wide variety of roles within the sector as a developer, a consultant, and an architect. He has worked both as a freelancer, and within some of the top companies in the world of IT. Today, he is the CEO at Smart Solidity GmbH, a role he has held for almost five years.

Session #2

Date & Time: 13 November 16:00 – 17:00

Where: Geneva Business School Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Eva Sabater

Topic: The Skills and Mindset Necessary for Success

The second session of the day will be led by Manager of Travel Work, Eva Sabater, who will look at the skills and mindset behind successful people. In recent years, the psychology of success has been at the forefront of self-help books, motivational talks, and business strategy. From positive thinking techniques to form a well-oiled team, learning techniques and having the mentality to implement them well is essential.

Eva’s conference will be related to her own experience as an entrepreneur, and as a manager of Travel Work for 25 years.


About the speaker


Eva Sabater got a degree in Business Administration at UNED before studying a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at La Salle University. She won awards as a young entrepreneur, before starting her own business at university, aged just 23. Due to her success, she has been interviewed by newspapers La Vanguardia and El Periódico, as well as appearing on Catalan television station TV3 and a number of local radio stations.

On a personal level, Sabater is the mother of two boys, aged 18 and 16. She was the Spanish catamaran racing champion in 1993 and has not taken her foot off the gas since then. She is still into sports, including windsurfing and diving, and likes meditation as well as more daring feats, such as skydiving, walking on fire, and more.

Travel Work provides international work experience for university-level students around the world. Its service includes personal advice to each individual, accommodation, visa confirmation prior to departure in Spain, and 24-hour supervision in the destination.