GBS Events

The next GBSessions are this October 24th

The GBSessions at the beginning of October were so fascinating that we could hardly wait for the next ones to unfold. Once again, you can expect insightful discussions with industry experts that promise to teach you innovative concepts such as future trends in customer solutions and new learning methods blending virtual and classroom-based experiences.

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming GBSessions.

15:30 – 16:00: Please note that there will be a networking session between both talks. Both speakers will be present during the break and the students in attendance have the chance to chat with them informally over a coffee, asking any burning questions they might have.

Session #1

When: October 24th, 2018, from 14:30 to 15:30

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Mrs. Fatiha Banna

Topic: Innovative communication & learning ways: explainer videos & serious games

During the session, we will explore a new format of communication and learning (blended virtual vs classroom-based learning – click here to see a short video explanation) and we will discuss different elements related to this learning method, such as neurosciences, the millennials generation, resistance to change, time management and becoming mobile-friendly.

About the speaker

Fatiha Banna is a Senior International Business Developer with over 20 years of experience in Export Sales. She has lived and worked in 4 countries, and is fluent in multiple languages through long-term immersion programs and intercultural skills courses. Fatiha’s passion for putting the human at the heart of her activity has honed her highly-developed communication skills. Her focus is in the Digital Sector where she has built a strong reputation for addressing the need for engaging content and tools to enable learning that will stick. Fatiha believes in philanthropy and strongly associates the innovations, conducted by the now-obliged digital transformation of all organizations, to developing talent via blended training, interactive explainer videos and soft skills gamified solutions.

Session #2

When: October 24th, 2018, from 16:00 to 17:00

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speakers: Tatiana Mora and Yoleyva Fuenmayor

Topic: How to understand the needs and expectations of our customers to deliver the best solution

Do you know which archetype you belong to? Are you a Baby Boomer? Are you a Gen X? Or a Millennial? All sectors and companies need to understand their customer expectations, their attitude, their style and motivation in order to provide the best solution. Companies and organizations should design their customer experience based on the future needs and traits of their guests by considering their operandum, their characteristics, and their social demographics. How to do it? What are the challenges and implications of this “discovery” process? Let’s discuss how we can better understand the needs and expectations of customers and anticipate future trends.

About the speakers

Tatiana‘s professional career has always been guided by her passion for social justice and her love for words leading to her to become an expert in projects related to development issues (such as education, health, poverty), and a specialist in communication campaigns on social issues. Notably, as former UN staff, and now as Senior Manager – European Commission & International Organizations at everis, Tatiana developed and won funding proposals for a wide array of international projects and communication campaigns in all 27 European States and many African and Latin American countries.

Yoleyva is a Senior Manager at everis Business Consulting where she notably focuses on the automotive sector, advising a client base which is comprised of vehicle manufacturers, dealers and service providers on product, marketing and sales initiatives.