October 24 is United Nations Day 2019, part of United Nations Week. To mark the occasion, we are taking a look at our connections with the world’s most successful intergovernmental organization. These connections go far beyond the 10-minute walk between the UN offices and our Geneva campus.

United Nations Library Pass

All students at our Geneva campus have privileged access to the UN library, one of the largest in Europe. This unique agreement gives students access to an enormous bank of resources, and is one of the best places for international networking.

United Nations Offices Geneva

The IOM and the ICRC at GBS Career Day

A career day on our Geneva campus, like the one on November 29, is a who’s-who of international organizations. The International Organization for Migrations (IOM), a UN agency, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will be offering jobs and internships to Geneva Business School students. 

Furthermore, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) trains students in social media management and other areas, while the International Trade Center (ITC) is on the lookout for students who are fluent in Chinese and Arabic.

Geneva Business School Internships at the United Nations

Geneva Business School’s close proximity to the UN’s Geneva offices means students have an advantage when looking to work at the organization. 

Francesco Gallo, who is studying International Relations on our Geneva campus, worked with the International Youth Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN). His role included representing and taking notes for the Secretary-General of the NGO during important meetings. During the Intersessional High-Level Panel, Gallo even delivered a speech on behalf of ISMUN in front of the Human Rights Council

Taking advantage of his professor’s network, Aizimaiti Muhetaer contacted the director of ISMUN. With this professional connection, he got an internship at the organization during the summer of 2017. Aizimaiti’s role consisted of website development and both online and offline marketing for the Human Rights and Development Program, whose program you can find here

The following year, Geneva Business School alumnus Karim Albekov undertook a traineeship at the UN in 2018. Internships like these are both an unbeatable international experience and a great addition to any CV. Students learn essential soft skills from the world of work, and get a clearer picture of their future career path

Geneva Business School Careers at the United Nations

Our connections continue after gradation too. Jia Li, for example, has been working at the United Nations since 2008. Similarly, after working in the HR department, Jiayi Wang is currently the Administrative Assistant in the Information and Communication Technology Service at the UN Offices in Geneva.

Model United Nations

Geneva Business School students who will take part in the Model United Nations Conference get a real-life experience of the UN’s inner workings. From November 27 to December 2, 2019, our students will take part in the most accurate, innovative, and fun simulation of the United Nations.

The week-long event includes workshops, committee meetings, an awards ceremony and more. Students will work with UN experts in institutions such as the International Court of Justice, the Human Rights Council, and the Security Council. Every year, students come out of the event with a professional understanding of the decision-making process, day-to-day tasks, and priorities. 

United Nations 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety

Geneva Business School’s contribution to this global campaign is already underway. Find out more about our participation on our 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety page.

2 Billion Kilometres to Safety Geneva business school unhcr

It’s not just current students that are taking part in this worthy cause. One of our alumni, Arnaud Barray, is organizing sponsors for André Belibi Eloumou. On November 1, Eloumou will embark on an incredible 5,793-kilometer run across the USA in aid of the 2 Billion Kilometres to Safety initiative.

Geneva Business School will reward the top performers from each campus with a ticket to The Nansen Refugee Award in 2020. This is a perfect opportunity for our students, especially those specializing in International Relations.