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ShareConsultancy project, a new undertaking of Geneva Business School aimed at bringing practice and learning together was finalized on April 7th with presentations of final report to companies by students. Consultancy project was an opportunity for MBA students to apply their skills and knowledge gained on GBS MBA program and own work experience to “real life” project as consultants. Students worked under supervision of Marketing courses lecturers – high profile consultants. Consultancy project was undertaken as a part of Marketing block courses in the Spring 2018, namely, Strategic Marketing, New Business Development and Brand Management and PR courses. MBA students were required to work together as consultancy teams leveraging all the knowledge gained during MBA and present managerial recommendations to the client company according to client`s request. Students worked on the project in the teams of four-five people. Students were required to assign roles in the consultancy team and each team member took a leadership role on one of three stages of the project. Consultancy project was designed to help students to immediately apply knowledge gained on marketing courses to practice and to develop following sets of skills:

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Thought process in reports and presentations
  3. Reporting skills
  4. Presentation skills

The project was carried out for 5 companies in cosmetics, safety and education industries. As an output of the project the students produced a written three-parts group reports to professional standard and made oral presentations to the client organizations on completion of the project. Based on the feedback of participating company representatives, faculty members and students, it was decided to focus only on one company for the future for all group of students. The participation in the project as company is free of charge and the chosen company is asked to share the full information necessary for the preparing marketing report. The call for application for companies to participate in the project will be announced on the website. Please, email to if you are interested in participating. Benefits of consultancy project for companies:

  • Experienced students working on the project under the guidance of faculty members
  • Output – written report with actionable recommendations
  • Optimal cost-benefit approach to gaining value from cooperation with GBS

Confidentiality Note

All information collected by students in the course of the project, and the final reports were treated in full confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties or published. The reports will be read and assessed by course lecturers as Final Assignments and might be put through an electronic plagiarism check, beyond this, the content will not be disclosed. All students and any external supervisors sign a confidentiality agreement, before they begun the project.