History, Vision and Mission


Geneva Business School (GBS), an international private institution registered and located in the Canton of Geneva, offers undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in Finance and Business Administration in different fields with a strong focus on international aspects and geopolitical facets.

After being named Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine in 1995 to provide instruction to private bankers in Switzerland, the brand name was changed in 2001 to School of Finance to provide education in international banking and finance.  The brand name was finally changed in 2010 to Geneva Business School to highlight the importance of the campus location.

GBS began to open in 2012 with new campuses located in significant regions of the world in order to bring its expertise to local markets.


A 21st-century Swiss education institution contributing to a sustainable society


The mission is driven by its three Educational Pillars:

  • Ensuring student success along with Swiss education academic excellence.
  • Managing the institution efficiently in terms of organization and allocation of resources.
  • Engaging with local and international partners through mentoring, internships, research, company placements and transfers.