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How to Foster Innovative Organizational Culture

Fostering An Innovative Organizational Culture Inside Your Real or Imaginary Organization

In Geneva our Managing Innovation class was recently asked to list three tips answering the question: How would you foster an innovative organizational culture inside your organization?  

Professor Biliana Vassileva found the responses diverse, well-considered and astounding. From rewarding failures to investing in innovation during a crisis, the ideas that came out of this class showed some inspired, mature thought.

Here is a sample of the collective wisdom of the Managing Innovation class:

Managing Innovation in the Classroom

This collaborative class was opened up to the students to create the last class of the semester and their output exceeded all expectations. A passion for innovation in organizations is what sets our students apart from the crowd, and delights our professors.

Project-based learning at Geneva Business School is a fundamental part of our teaching style, as it prepares our students for global business settings of the 21st century. Interactive learning in our Google classrooms enables our students to fully engage with the material, increasing their confidence and skills for the world of work. They also frequently pitch to investors, which is invaluable in bringing their learning to life and applying theory to real-world situations.

With professional faculty from all over the world, students representing over 80 nationalities, and partners on all continents, we truly embody the 21st-century global business ecosystem.