Astana – Almaty Campus (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan is a melting pot of nationalities, with more than 131 different ethnic groups, in the 9th largest country by size in the world. It is a place with a rich history with records going as far back as 13000 B.C. when there were prehistoric settlers. Kazakhstan boasts the largest economy in Central Asia and is an exciting place to be as this keeps growing and the business opportunities expand. Kazakhstan has been listed in the Bloomberg Innovation Index among the top 50 most innovative economies. Couple this with our campuses in major cities, any international business student is sure to receive the most forward-thinking education possible.

Astana Campus

While studying at GBS students gain valuable knowledge from highly experienced professors from all over the world, who help them understand the most current financial and business models.

Address (Astana): 3A, Charles de Gaulle Street BC “5 stars”, 2nd floor Astana (Kazakhstan).
Tel: +7 7172 24 90 10 / 24 90 20 

Almaty Campus

Among students there are well known business men and entrepreneurs that provide high quality services in Kazakhstan Markets. Along with MBA programs we started our first cohort of DBA students.

Address (Almaty): 22 Kyzybek bi Street, office #102, Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Tel: +7 7273 52 73 97 / 52 73 96