Life in Geneva (Switzerland)

Known both as the «smallest of big cities», or the «city of peace», Geneva, among other things, is home to the European headquarters of UN. The quayside of Lake Geneva, the parks, the old alleyways and smart boutiques are an invitation to leisurely strolls.

Geneva is linked to Europe’s capital cities by its international airport, motorways and railway network. It is the seat of a number of major multinationals, as well as International Organisations such as the International Red Cross Committee, the WHO, WTO and ILO.

Geneva campus
Geneva campus
Geneva campus

International city

What is so special about Geneva for the Swiss and the rest of the world? The answer is that it has far greater international influence than any other city of 200’000 inhabitants.
Geneva is a centre focused on the international economy. Whether private, corporate or business, finance, in its widest sense, undeniably plays a major economic role in Geneva, which is a base for around a hundred foreign banks.

Geneva Campus
Geneva Campus

Giant Fountain

Located in the heart of La Rade, the Giant fountain is the symbol of the City of Geneva and its main tourist attraction

Place des Nations

The Place des Nations is the heart of international Geneva. It is the site of the Broken chair, designed by Geneva artist, Daniel Berset and symbolic of the fight against anti-personnel mines.

Geneva Campus
Geneva Campus

Flower clock

There are many clocks in Geneva’s public areas. The most famous is without doubt the Flower Clock.

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