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Аstana City

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is located on the Ishim River in the north portion of Kazakhstan, within the Akmola Region, though administrated separately from the region as a city with special status. The 2014 census reported a population of 835,153 within the city limits, making it the second largest city in Kazakhstan. The shift of the capital has given a powerful boost to Astana’s economic development. The city’s high economic growth rate has attracted numerous investors. In the 16 years since Astana became the capital, the volume of investments has increased by almost 30 times, the gross regional product has increased by 90 times, and industrial output has increased by 11 times. The city’s Gross Regional Product makes up about 8.5 percent of the republic’s Gross domestic product. Astana is a city that continually diversifying its markets and retaining its financial stability.

Astana Campus

Since 2015 students of GBS Astana Campus started their path to success. While studying in GBS they will gain valuable knowledge from highly experienced professors from all over the world which will help them understand most respected financial and business models.

Astana: Charles de Gaulle 3a, Business Center “5 Stars”, 2nd floor (tel: +77212249010)


Аlmaty City

Almaty formerly known as Alma-Ata is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 1,703,481 people, containing 9% of the country’s total population. Almaty continues as the major commercial and cultural center of Kazakhstan, as well as its biggest population center. The city is in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Ala-Tau at an elevation of 2,300–3,000 feet (700–900 m), where the Bolshaya and Malaya Almaatinka rivers run into the plain. Almaty generates approximately 20 per cent of Kazakhstan’s GDP (or $36 billion in 2010). The nation is the most powerful economically in Central Asia and Almaty is a key financial center. It is considered to be a Beta – Global City as of the 2012 GAWC study. One of the largest industries in Almaty is finance, and its financial exports make it a large contributor to Kazakhstan’s balance of payments. The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange is based in Almaty. The economy of Almaty city and Almaty Region continues to grow, and is expected to increase at nearly 6 percent per year until 2020.The city generates approximately 20 percent of the national GDP.

Almaty Campus

In October 2016 we started new class based in Almaty. Among students there are well known business men and entrepreneurs that provide high quality services in Kazakhstan Markets. Along with MBA programs we started our first cohort of DBA students.


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