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Mentoring Conference – April 7th

Friday 7 April 2017, 14:00 – 15:00

Venue: Geneva Business School Geneva Campus
16 Chemin de la Voie-Creuse
1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 906 94 94

“Kick-start your future career by knowing yourself”

Anne Grandjean 

Anne is a senior consultant and responsible for the development of the English-speaking market at Vicario Consulting. Vicario Consulting is a human resources consulting firm, dedicated to creating business value by leveraging human potential.

Anne previously held a position as top manager with a leading international insurance group. She namely steered two national entities through a major corporate transition.

She brings a unique blend of experience in company transformation, in change management, in programme management, as well as in supporting organizations and their people develop to their full capability.

Anne is passionate about human and organizational growth, both in their complexity and their beauty. She holds a MSc in Business Communication, is a certified Project Management Professional (, as well as yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Such a diverse background enables her to meet the many challenges tied to her consulting activities.


Vicario Consulting

Vicario is an HR consulting company founded in 1999 and operating throughout Switzerland. Around 40 consultants with complementary professional backgrounds (workplace psychologist, economists, legal experts, human resources professionals, medical doctors specialized in workplace health) support organizations – both public and private, local and international – in developing their people and the way they conduct their work.

At Vicario, we firmly believe that respecting fundamental human needs in a professional context – be they at C-suite, middle management and ground-work levels – acts as a powerful lever for increased performance. In the long-term, a wealthy organization necessarily relies on a healthy workforce!

From a people perspective, we assist our clients in getting the right managers and technical experts in the right positions. Our methodology? Assessment centers, coaching and thematic training programs enable us to both identify specific leadership talents and develop targeted soft skills such as assertiveness, effective communication or situational management, just to name a few.

From an organization-wide perspective, we accompany businesses in their needs to transform and adapt to macroeconomic constraints. We also intervene in consolidating the work climate, as well as resolve salient interpersonal conflict via audits or mediations.