Last week we saw bachelor’s students present their elevator pitches to a jury of real-life investors and entrepreneurs. As part of the New Business Development interactive classroom run by Professor Dag Flachet, students create startups and using a gaming app, invest virtual money in each other’s companies. Student participation is rewarded with money which they accrue through class attendance.

The Final Pitch

Each student was given one minute to pitch their idea to the jury, explaining how they arrived at the concept and the need in the marketplace for their idea. The “elevator pitch” round encouraged students to spark the interest of the jury to call them back for further rounds of open-ended questioning about their business models. The students had to elaborate on where they would spend the capital and the finer points of their concept, after which the jury could allocate virtual funds to the best concepts.

A student presents to a jury of investors with a 1 minute timer in the background

Students took 60 seconds to sell their big ideas to the jury


Students being asked questions by the jury of their Final Pitch

Students were called back to answer open questions about their startup ideas


The jury consisted of three real-world entrepreneurs and Professor Dag Flachet. The entrepreneurs included Maria Galanopoulous of LearnLife; Toni Franco, Operating Partner for PEs and Start-Ups; and Alexander “The Battery Man” Vasilevich, a current MBA student and CMO of Power2Impact. Each received one million “euros” to spend between the most promising startup ideas


Four judges with a trophy for an interactive student project

The Jury: from left, Maria Galanopoulous, Alexander Vasilevich, Dag Flachet and Toni Franco.


Among the most innovative business ideas were apps designed to locate local football fields or local handyman services to providing subscription services for live streaming concerts and recycling.

The student with the most money invested in the winning company and the most funded startup respectively won awards for the Best Investor and Best Entrepreneur.

New Business Development Winners 2019/2020

Best Entrepreneur was Flaviu Muresan with a recycling collection subscription service called The Green Subscription.

A student wins a trophy awarded by his teacher for Best Entrepreneur

The Best Entrepreneur: Flaviu Muresan


The Best Investor prize went to Daniel Evenschor for picking the best portfolio of fellow companies.

A student wins a trophy awarded by his teacher for Best Investor

The Best Investor: Daniel Evenschor


Project-based learning at Geneva Business School is fundamental to preparing our students for working in teams, small business units, and collaborating with diverse groups in global business settings. Interactive learning in our Google Classrooms enables our students to engage fully with the knowledge they acquire, increasing students’ confidence and skills for the world of work. Pitching to investors in real time as a learning experience is invaluable in bringing their learning to life, applying theory to real-world situations.


Winners and Jury of the NBD Final Pitch

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship: Jury and Winners gave the NBD Final Pitch a big thumbs up!

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