Orientation Week’s Pearson Marketing Simulator


As GBS always strives to help our students grow their capabilities and skills by using hands-on inspiring coaching methods, Barcelona Campus has held a Pearson Business Simulator class during Orientation Week for Digital Marketing students. A business simulator is a valuable learning method that provides an interactive learning experience that requires participants to apply what they have learned during their courses in a business training event in a risk-free environment. 


The Pearson Simulator is a world-class British educational service to schools and corporations. They combine world-class educational content and assessment, powered by services and technology, to enable more effective teaching and personalized learning at scale. 


MyMarketingExperience simulator:  


MyMarketingExperience is an engaging simulation, set in the jeanswear industry, that allows marketing students playing in teams to analyse the changing marketplace, set strategy for their company, take tactical actions and compete against each other in a fun yet challenging setting.


MyMarketingExperience covers all 7 Ps of marketing, helping students on marketing courses improve their marketing theory, and understand how it can be applied in the real world of business.


Business Simulator mirrors real business challenges in your simulation story, add an element of a competitive challenge and help students understand and practice the communication of various business disciplines and functions.