Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Geneva Business School:


At Geneva Business School, we have developed a tailor-made quality assurance model that pushes us to achieve our goals through a structured, planned, and sustainable approach.

The Geneva Business School Quality Assurance Model coordinates Geneva Business School processes across all campuses and program locations. It encourages coherence and efficiency in practices and services.

The model is composed of two aspects:

  1. The Geneva Business School Operating Structure ensures that quality inputs contribute to the accomplishment of desired outputs.
  2. The Geneva Business School Quality Cycle supports the school in verifying and attesting efficiency in procedures, academic programs, and any other internal or external services.

The Quality Assurance Model relies on synergies between strategies (executive level), policies (management level) and guidelines/protocols (operational level) in the following domains:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Communication and Public Disclosure
  • Institutional Resources
  • Purposes and Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research
  • Students Services
  • Services to the Community

The Quality Assurance Model standardizes practices, processes, and documentation across all departments, campuses, and partners’ locations to guarantee consistent learning outcomes for all students and a sense of belonging for all employees.

However, cultural or legal factors are taken into consideration to promote the unique value and identity of individual campuses or program locations outside of Switzerland. This flexibility allows governance and empowerment to remain at the heart of Geneva Business School’s educational activities without jeopardizing compliance with its Quality Assurance Model.


The Swiss Private Model:


The Swiss educational system is composed of Public and Private Institutions. It is important to highlight that normally, only Swiss public universities are recognized by the state.

Constantly pursuing academic excellence, Geneva Business School actively seeks additional memberships and higher education accreditations in its continuing commitment to quality enhancement and to provide students with the best possible positioning in the marketplace for work or the drive to succeed as entrepreneurs. 

As a result, in 2019, the Swiss authorities considered Geneva Business School eligible to enter the process for Swiss Institutional Accreditation. This pathway has only recently been made available to Swiss private schools, and the full process takes at least two years to complete. 

If successful, Geneva Business School will become among the first private institutions to be recognized by the state.


To elaborate further, Swiss public universities are managed by the state and the degrees are equally issued by the state or a state-run governing entity.

Students often opt for public universities if they wish to study in an environment with a large array of permanent faculty members and large classes as government-subsidized tuition fees allow more students to apply.

The teaching approach is wholly theoretical and often taught by professors who have carried out research and long been associated with the academic world but rarely with the professional world of private companies and employment.


Private business schools, on the other hand, offer small classes and are not government-subsidized. They can achieve accreditation for their programs from international regulatory bodies such as IACBE, EDUQUA, and AASBI

Faculty at private business schools usually work on a part-time basis, combining teaching with industry work. They are fully aware of the latest trends in their sector and teach it both in theory and in practice. 

The teaching methodology is much more hands-on, interactive, and practical. This category of professors ultimately train students to be better prepared and offer insight into real-world markets. As a result, credible private schools venture overseas to gain programmatic accreditation and look for external supervision and global benchmarking.

As part of its mission, Geneva Business School is proud to be a private business school, offering practical education and unique access to the networks of our faculty. This approach means our students graduate prepared for today’s world of business, with a high level of employability.