Quarantine Activities

When it comes to international pandemics, we’re all in it together. With many people quarantined at home, we’d like to share some of the top picks from our community and from all over the internet to help to keep you busy and boost morale during this difficult time.

Click the links below to find things you can learn, watch, read, do, make and hear.

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Quarantine Activities
Things to SEE
Things to DO
Things to LEARN
  • HighBrow
    Short courses on everything, emailed daily to your inbox
  • MasterClass
    Online classes in all kinds of fields from true leaders in their fields
  • CodeAcademy
    Learn to code for free!
Things to MAKE
  • Supercook
    Type the ingredients you have at home and get recipe ideas – also available as an app
  • 1se
    An app that records one second per day to make a film of the rest of your life. Perfect for documenting your period of isolation
  • Anchor.fm
    What better time to make your own podcast?
Things to LISTEN TO
Things to READ