Research Faculty

At GBS we only work with the very best people, those who have been successful in their business careers and have the right academic qualifications in order to focus on our research priorities and support students engaged in final thesis work.

Dr. Claudia Saba

Ph.D. in Political Science as well as a BSc in Business and Management Information Systems. Claudia worked for some of the largest IT multinationals in Ireland before turning to research and academia. She now lectures in International Relations and her research interests include EU politics and institutions, Middle East politics, and social movement studies. 

Selected recent publications:

Claudia Saba (Forthcoming 2018) ‘Justice through direct action: the case of the Gaza Flotilla’ In: Arts, K. and Handmaker, J. eds. Pursuing Global Justice: Reflections on International Law. Cambridge University Press.

Claudia Saba (2015) ‘Palestinian Armed Resistance: the Absent Critique’, Interface: a journal for and about social movements, 7 (2): 214 – 238.