Research Faculty

At GBS we only work with the very best people, those who have been successful in their business careers and have the right academic qualifications in order to focus on our research priorities and support students engaged in final thesis work.

Dag Flachet

Professor at Geneva Business School in Leadership and Entrepreneurial-related topics. Dag Flachet is an entrepreneur and an investor. He started his first company called Compudoc at the age of 21. Compudoc still exists and has performed more than 50,000 technical support interventions at more than 20,000 homes and businesses throughout the years. Other projects have involved, amongst other ideas, crowdsourced fast-food and a marketplace for online community managers. Flachet Holdings is a fund run by Dag which helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market and to scale their business. Projects of Flachet Holdings include Codific, an international software engineering, server security and encryption specialist, a coding academy, a social for-profit project intended to reduce plastic waste, and many more. Flachet Holdings also provides consultancy services to other firms amongst which Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Dag has an executive MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship from Flanders Business School and from Kellogg School of Management under a joint international program.

His courses at the Geneva Business School are focused on real live business cases where his students resolve a actual business challenges for companies in need of help. Such cases have included amongst others, the design of a gamification layer for a user generated content product of Softonic, a talent retention strategy for DMI international, an internationalization strategy for an eSports analytics product at Fluendo. These case studies have been critically acclaimed by the industry and provided numerous career opportunities for graduating students.