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Specialization Weeks Review

Specialization Weeks

Specialization Weeks at our Barcelona Campus are a great time for our students to get inspired from the faculty, and amazing guest speakers, in their field of interest.

All the workshops were practical and designed to directly relate to key areas within each of the majors of our students.

Below outlines the topics that were explored in each of the majors:

  • Our Digital Marketing students presented Gamification Layer Designs to a number of managers and strategists from Softonic. They also learned the ins and outs of Marketing in an Analog World.
  • Our students majoring in International Management received sessions aimed at Developing People Skills and Managing Sustainability.
  • Our Sports Management students explored the areas of Managing Talent and Globalization in the Sports industry.
  • Our Finance and Entrepreneurship majors had the opportunity to learn all about financing their business plans.
  • Democracy and Democratization Processes are the areas that our International Relations students discussed, this included an insightful visit to the EU Parliament Offices.  
  • For our students aiming towards a career in the Hospitality Industry, they gained a better understanding of Hotel Sales Management and Managing Sustainability.

We received great reviews from our students about these sessions and are sure they will continue to put the skills they learned into practise.

The end of Specialization Weeks marks the official end of the September semester and we greatly look forward to what the next semester will bring.

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