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Specializations Weeks are underway!

Specialization Weeks

The fall semester at our Barcelona Campus has been full of exciting and challenging courses for our students. These courses have covered a wide array of topics and all been taught by our faculty of market professionals, bringing their experience into the classroom.

For the next two weeks this will be intensified by means of our Specialization Weeks. They are a time when our students are split into smaller groups, with only fellow students of the same major. During this time our faculty and special guests give sessions on specific subjects within each of our majors, they are outlined below:

  • Democracy and Democratization Processes
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Developing People Skills
  • Managing Talent in the Sports Industry
  • Negotiating Oil & Gas Contracts
  • Hotel Sales Management
  • Sports and Globalization
  • Financing Your Business Plan
  • Managing Sustainability
  • Marketing in an Analog World

This is a great opportunity for all of our students to get a fresh perspective of how their field of interest works. They also learn from the expertise and experience of more market professionals, which will aid them in their future careers and widen their network. In addition, during this time our students get to know those on their course better, who are not only classmates, but also potential business partners.

We are sure the next two weeks are going to be invaluably beneficial to all our students!

DATES: 22nd January – 2nd February