Student Contributions

Students at Geneva Business School are always encouraged to express their thoughts, feedback, and ideas with our team members. Open communication and the exchange of ideas between students, faculty, and staff support the school’s mission and its educational philosophy.

The student bodies are represented in five Committees (i.e. Academic, Student Services, Research, Communication, and Quality), as well as in the campus-based meetings, to ensure an effective process to address students’ concerns. Committee Chairs will invite Student Representatives when topics are relevant and require their contribution or point of view. With this collective approach, Geneva Business School ensures that students are contributing to the direction of the school. Student Representatives are elected by the Students Services Department of each campus.

Student Councils play a pivotal role in building a strong sense of campus community. Every campus has a Student Council, and they are in charge of representing the interests and concerns of the student body. Student Councils are made up of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Communications Director, and a Social Activities Director.

Student Councils plan and promote extracurricular activities that reflect the academic efforts of Geneva Business School, and serve as an enhancement of the overall educational experience of students through social, cultural, intellectual, instructional, leadership, spiritual, recreational, and governance activities.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvements from the student body is communicated to the representatives and considered at the Student Council meetings where the Academic team members listen and decide how to act upon students’ concerns. The Student Councils are encouraged to address their peers’ opinions on every aspect of their experience studying with Geneva Business School, such as the campus facilities, course specifics, student support, etc.

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