Student Services

Geneva Business School offers services, induction days, and events to help students successfully integrate into the school and adapt to the culture of their new home.

Each campus provides relocation services, including guidance on accommodation, insurance, and bank accounts; legal guidance regarding migration requirements; legal guardianship for underage students; transport to/from the airport, among other services. Some of these services may incur additional fees.

On some campuses, the school has its own accommodation, while others can recommend the best options.

Geneva Business School has career counselling services for students to help them find internships and job opportunities. Our Career Service collaborates with companies and organizations in the region and follows industry trends, HR events and conferences to offer our students the best professional opportunities.

The Career Service actively supports all current students and alumni in finding internships and jobs both locally and internationally. Newsletters presenting the latest job offers are sent on a regular basis. In addition, the Career Service helps students write their CVs and cover letters, provides training for mastering job interviews, and supports students with the job search and application process.

Geneva Business School wants every student to reach their academic and professional goals during and after their time at the school. Our personalized approach in the classroom is complemented by a personalized approach outside the classroom. While our professors provide individual attention in the classroom, our coaches provide extracurricular guidance to students in one-to-one consultations.

Geneva Business School understands that every student’s journey is different and that everyone faces challenges, even during their studies. Our school gives students a space to reflect on these challenges and issues. Students may seek support and meet one of our coaches for any issue that is affecting their enjoyment and success at the school, whether it is time management, learning difficulties, self-confidence, depression, anxiety, identity issues, matters of conflict, or decision-making issues. 

Geneva Business School strives to support students through these experiences in any way, mainly through attentive and empathetic care and by treating each student as an individual case rather than as a number.