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GBS Workshop: The Cultural Iceberg 

To break stereotypes and succeed in international business

November 21st, 14:30 – 15:15 

Barcelona Campus

About the workshop:

Culture can be best imagined as an iceberg: the parts you see are usually only a small fraction of the entire phenomenon. There is much more to culture than meets the eye, and understanding those elements, or those layers, that make up culture is an important asset in doing business internationally.

The objective of the Cultural Iceberg Workshop is to recognize and understand different cultures, their traits, and their particularities, as well as to learn how culture influences our way of doing business with others, in an effort to avoid the typical misunderstandings or stereotypes that can generally occur when different cultures meet.

This is also a great opportunity to learn useful tips to help you develop successful relationships with classmates, and colleagues while doing internships.

About the speaker:

Luz Alcántara is the Operations Manager at Worldwide Internships in Barcelona, an international internship service provider dedicated to university students and graduates. Luz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurants Management from Universidad de las Americas Puebla, in Mexico, and a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media from ESERP Business School in Barcelona.