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The Future of Music

The Future of Music Industry


The Music Industry: a look into the past, present and future

Led by Deezer Marketing Manager, Pablo Skaf

Music has evolved within many different cultures over thousands of years. Its growth has always been dependent upon cultural expansion, innovation, and societal acceptance or rejection. With the growth of the “music industry” in the recently industrialized and increasingly globalized times we live in, there has been a shift in the sub-currents which guide the market’s expansion, growth and innovation.

There will be three workshops in which students will look at music in the past physical distribution, present as a product and service that plays a key role in our society and the new digital subscription-based consumption of content. And last but not least the future!

First session: Wednesday 25th October, 2pm – 4pm

Second session: Wednesday 8th November, 2pm – 4pm

Third session: Wednesday 13th December, 2pm – 4pm

We think this will be an invaluable time for our students and are sure they will learn a lot, as they develop a project over the course of these sessions.

NOTE: For students wanting to sign up, you can follow the link to the spreadsheet that was posted on your Google+ Forum.