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The Mentoring Conference

The Mentoring conference presented by Mr Hvaring in Geneva, was once again a great success, with active support from students and meaningful participation in an interesting topic.

The conference allowed a number of individual students to also share of their own experiences, generating open discussions and active participation from both sides.

The insights obtained by the student body where very much appreciated and the experience contributed to their continuous professional growth.

Mr Hvaring’s experience in the field of Human resources and personal development made this session interactive, the energetic manner in which he shared some aspects of his personal story, made for an engaging conference, enjoyed by all the attendees.

The auditorium, an addition the new GBS Geneva Campus , is contributing greatly to the learning quality that students experience during the interaction with active professionals at GBS Mentoring Conferences.

Frode Hvaring is an international Human Resources, Culture and Leadership expert. Co-Founder of Newind, a boutique consulting firm based both in Geneva and Singapore, that advises international companies and institutions in areas such as HR Digital transformation, Cultural Intelligence and corporate Smart-sizing.

To learn more about Frode Hvaring and his career visit his LikedIn page here. 

To learn more about Newind, visit their web page.