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6 tips for writing like an expert

  1. tips for writing like an expertIt’s about the idea not the vocabulary.

Many content marketers agree that to clearly communicate to the maximum amount of readership; try not to exceed a 9th grade reading level. Even prominent publications like The Economist are written in 12th grade reading levels, which is slightly higher than recommended, but not out of comprehension. Trust in plain language, and don’t use vocabulary to inflate weak ideas. In fact, the more simply you can explain a complicated theory the smarter you have become.

  1. Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you need to say it

Part of strong writing is the ability to understand how much is too much detail. Adding too much detail into text is a dangerous game, you can run off on tangents. Tangents can lead to a document filled with words, but don’t’ have a theme or facts.

  1. Clearly identify your purpose

People don’t like to be tricked. You’ve clicked on this article entitled tips for writing clearly, so you’d expect to learn something about writing you didn’t know previously. Take this blog for example, it’s about writing well, but what if the bulk of the blog was about social media marketing, and the appropriate times to post? While an equally important topic, that’s not what you signed up for.  Address the problem you will solve, then clearly and concisely write about it.

  1. 75 percent of the battle is in the headline

Writers should spend the majority of their time on the headline, the subject, or whatever “first line” of content your readers will see. The first line is what draws someone in and identifies why they should be intrigued with your writing.

  1. Avoid passive sentences

If you use Microsoft Word, perhaps you’ve encountered the spell check. There is a section in spell check called “Readability Score”. This section identifies important metrics to self-evaluate your writing, including passive sentences. Passive sentences aren’t assertive and they can cause confusion with the readers.

  1. Stop adding filler word

There are so many words you can delete from a sentence to make it sound more powerful. Take that sentence for example, the words “so”, “many” “more” are all filler words. Writing sentences with this many filler words weakens the power of a sentence.

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