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We are happy to announce the opening of our Summer Program in Geneva!

Specialization Weeks

As a business school, we strive to continually offer new programs to benefit future and current students.

In this opportunity we have officially launched our 10 Day Summer Program, students will be able to learn in 10 days what some learn over months, the concentrated nature of the program means it can easily fit into your summer schedule. This program will cover a different business-related topics each morning with the afternoons reserved for visits to relevant International Institutions.

The program covers three main modules, which are all hot topics in business right now, with themes ranging from cyber law to data mining and even sustainable development.

The three main modules are:

  • Business Diplomacy in a Digital World
  • Green Finance, Fintech and Data Mining
  • Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Tools

Visit our 10 Day Summer Program page for more information and to apply today!