Creating Challenger Brands by Geneva Business School

– An Open Webinar –

June 4th, 2019

Join us for an open webinar with Prof. Francesco Derchi, and gain great tips on creating challenger brands and an insight into the latest trends in branding and marketing.

Today’s world is populated by BIG brands that give the impression that little space is left for newcomers. This open class will focus on how to build small challenger brands that will be able to compete and win in today’s constantly evolving environment.

As speed and technology create new relationship opportunities regardless of space and time constraints, so brands become the most important promotional tools for management boards. This phase of brand creation is one of the most crucial for any organization. The Brand will certainly become the foremost ambassador of any company in this diverse environment.

On this webinar you will experience a typical MBA class, Geneva Business School’s Admissions’ Specialist will give more information about their specialized MBAs in International Relations, Oil and Gas, Finance, and Management.

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