Why Geneva Business School?

Geneva Business School is a global leader in Swiss quality education, dedicated to preparing world-changing leaders, ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

Above all, the School encourages its students to reach their full potential and pursue excellence at all levels.

Watch this video for a better understanding of what we do at Geneva Business School and a snapshot of the benefits of studying with us:

Click above button to see the Geneva Business School Vision and Mission. This document outlines our targets and global objectives and illustrates how we link our Mission to the Program Learning Outcomes and Broad-Based Goals.


,Our philosophy, clearly demonstrated across our campus network, is to employ highly-educated and professionally-active faculty members to teach our students. Our current faculty have excellent academic credentials and, for this reason, many leave their offices and busineses to teach students at GBS, before returning later in the day to their regular working lives.


GBS combines the US system for accreditation and quality control, the European (Bologna) system for credits (ECTS) and the Swiss grading system. The numerous international accreditations that GBS holds, allows the transfer of credits and ensures that GBS is in line with the quality-control benchmarks of other high-quality business schools around the world.


Our head office is based in Geneva, but we have other GBS campuses and partner campuses around the world. There is also an exchange program, giving students the possibility to transfer between our main campuses for a semester, allowing for a truly international experience. There are over 60 nationalities currently represented.


With the assistance of the GBS student council, students quickly recognize that participating in activities outside of the classroom is just as important as those within the classroom. We support our students in maintaining healthy lifestyles, creating an active professional network, and engaging in the wider community.


At Geneva Business School we provide an exclusive education in a vibrant and innovative environment, inspired by Swiss quality education. Through the concentration of core, orientation and elective courses, GBS strives to provide the best foundation for all of our students with an emphasis on small class sizes and personalized mentoring.


Our programs are regularly updated to respond to changing market conditions, because of the continuous feedback from our professionally-active professors, our alumni and our network of business and industry contacts. Students are able to cover all aspects of business but also still have the possibility to focus on their preferred specialist areas of study.


Students have access to a dedicated team who search for professional opportunities. These are usually in the form of internship opportunities and are offered during all programs at key companies and institutions in our network.


At Geneva Business School we make every effort to remain in contact with our network of successful alumni. We are therefore proud of the fact that many of our alumni hold top-level management positions, in companies spanning the globe, which is evidence of the high quality of our programs.