Power of you Workshop – Barcelona Campus

15th May 2019


Learn how to significantly increase your ability to succeed in achieving your career goals by being part of this workshop held by Mario Lanzarotti, international coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.

Acquire the knowledge of turning any experience of failure into a driver for confidence. You will unleash your personal power to take your career to the next level and become an effective communicator. Designed to help young professionals respond powerfully to a fast-changing and demanding environment. From Neuro-Linguistic Programming to understanding the relationship between Body and Mind, this workshop facilitates the tools and techniques used by the most impactful business leaders of all time.

About the speaker:

Mario Lanzarotti is an international coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has helped start up brands such as Uber during his time as a strategic consultant in Berlin and later went from intern to partner at NYC based-fashion brand Awl & Sundry, which he sold in 2019. Mario’s mission is to empower the leaders of tomorrow. His workshops and masterclasses help organizations align their teams under a common purpose and individuals develop their personal power. You can find more information about Mario at www.mariolanzarotti.com or his company www.powerin.me.