Terms and Conditions

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Payment Terms and Deadlines
For applicants:
An Application Fee of EUR 150 is payable at the time of the application submission.
An Administration Fee, which contributes towards the enrollment of the student, student support and student activities during the entire program, is payable upon the reception of the Conditional Acceptance Letter and will hold the student’s place.
The first semester Tuition Fee, is payable upon the reception of the Final Acceptance Letter and maximum one month prior to the beginning of classes.
For fee details see:

The School reserves the right to withdraw any campus place previously confirmed, if the above payment terms and conditions are not met.

For current students:
Upon receipt of the full Semesters Fees the student will be admitted to the Campus and allowed access to all study platforms. If, in the following Semesters, the student does not adhere to the Payments Deadlines stated, GBS reserves the right to deny access to all study platforms and all Campus Facilities.

Methods of Payment
The Application Fee can be paid online https://www.gbsge.com/applyonline or by bank transfer.
The Administration and Tuition Fees can be paid by bank transfer or on campus. When making a payment via bank transfer, please make sure to include the full name of the applicant or student for reference purposes. All types of transactions and related fees (e.g. bank fees) are the responsibility of the customer. If an applicant or student is eligible for a refund, GBS will credit the account with the balance of funds received only.

Withdrawals and Refunds
Refund of 100% of the tuition fee and 80% of the administration fee if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities.
Refund of 100% of the tuition fee in the case of “force majeure”.
Refund of 100% of the tuition fee if GBS receives written cancellation more than 8 weeks before the official start date of the course.
Refund of 50% of the tuition fee if written cancellation is received by GBS between 4 and 8 weeks before the official start of the course.No refund if GBS receives written cancellation within 4 weeks before the official start of the course.

No refund at any time if the student receives a positive decision for their entry visa.
No refund if an admitted student postpones his/her entry to GBS and then postpones or cancels the registration again.

No refund of Application fees at any time after the application form has been submitted.
Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. GBS must be notified if any student
wishes to leave the program.

If the student is on a student visa, discontinuation of enrollment and/or non-payment of pending fees constitutes a breach of visa conditions and may lead to the cancellation or invalidation or the student’s visa. GBS reserves the right to notify immigration authorities of student non-compliance with visa conditions.

Data Protection
All information provided to GBS may be held on an internal database and can be used by GBS and its authorized agents in accordance with applicable laws.

Cancellation or Changing of Programs and Locations
If enrollment numbers for a specific program are not considered sufficient to run the program, GBS reserves the right to cancel or move any offered program to another campus location. Where possible GBS will try to offer alternative options to affected students.

Admissions Policy
The admissions process at Geneva Business School is in place to evaluate the suitability of each applicant to the intensive undergraduate and graduate business programs. Full details of the admissions process are listed on the website https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2R7xShSae6Nv1mbjj0Oc2jSo9mfyAMIGKrVs6GsqQN3FJTg/viewform

Please note that all courses are taught in English, therefore the admissions team will assess the English level through an interview according to the standard required to follow the program.

Credit Transfer
The maximum number of transfer credits earned from institutions other than GBS is 120 ECTS, or to the value of this for bachelor level programmes. Those students who wish to transfer more credits will be required to contact the admissions team for further instruction. Students who wish to study one of the master level programmes and wish GBS to consider transfer credits must make a separate application to the Head of Admissions. Such a situation will be considered on a case by case basis.

Scholarship Policy
GBS offers scholarships opportunities on a case by case basis. The GBS Scholarship Policy is based on the following objectives:

  1. To promote a diverse student body.
  2. To encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the GBS Program.
  3. To provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in need of such assistance.

Scholarships will only be granted once an application is fully complete. Please contact the campus directly for details about how to apply.

Student Visa
It is the student’s responsibility to apply for a student visa if required. GBS will provide all documentation required upon enrollment.
In addition, for visa purposes, the student must meet the full-time student residency requirements of the campus host country.

Grading Procedure 
Grading Standards
Professors and instructors will evaluate and assess participant performance. Grades are assigned according to the Instructor’s assessment of performance. The Instructor has full authority and responsibility to establish performance criteria, evaluate participant performance, and award grades. GBS uses the following grading system to evaluate participant performance:

  • 6.0 = Excellent
  • 5.5 = Very good
  • 5.0 = Good
  • 4.0 = Pass
  • ! 3.0 = Fail – Allowed to do a retake exam
  • < 3.0 = Fail – Course must be retaken

Students will be instructed by the professor as to how each course is graded at the beginning of every course.
Bachelor students must achieve a grade of 4.00 to pass a course and master students must achieve a grade of 4.50.
The Academic Director releases official final course grades at the end of each semester. Every GBS student is entitled to know the manner in which his or her course grade was calculated and can seek this information directly from their professors.

Grade Point Average
A weighted grade point average (GPA) is computed by calculating an average grade of all results. Full details of the school’s academic policies will be listed in a student handbook that is issued at the course registration.

Graduation Requirements
Students at the bachelor level must achieve 180 ECTS credits in order to achieve the BBA or BF award. Students studying for MBA or MScF qualifications must achieve 90 ECTS credits in order to graduate. Students must satisfactorily complete all requirements of the degree program as set out in the current Student Handbook.

Dismissal from the Program
The School reserves the right to dismiss any participant at any time when their academic performance is unsatisfactory, their conduct is considered unacceptable, they have not paid their fees, or those whose legal or medical problems hinder satisfactory performance. In such cases, the Dean will notify the participant in writing, a degree will not be awarded to the participant, and, as appropriate, the participant’s sponsor will be notified. For students on a student visa at their campus of study, dismissal from GBS will invalidate the student visa and immigration authorities will be informed.