Student Entrepreneurs

Quoin Cards

Slahde Seale, a 2021 Bachelor’s graduate, has launched his new businessQuoin Cards. The Quoin Card is a digital business card, which allows you to share contact information without having to print physical business cards.

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Student Startups


AURA is a headphone rental service that was co-founded by one of our very own Bachelor’s students, Manuel Wotsch.

AURA is a dynamic silent disco startup. It was created with the goal that people can experience music whenever and wherever they are. We organize weekly events in Barcelona such as silent discos for everyone to enjoy their favorite kind of music!”

Manuel Wotsch,
Co-Founder AURA Silent Disco & Bachelor’s Student

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One of the best success stories from our Barcelona Campus in recent years is Hotdesk, a tech startup company co-founded by Mohamed El Sarrag, a 2018 alumnus, that aims at helping startups and SME’s rent out their unused office spaces by listing it on an online platform via the web or an application (Hotdesk is often referred to as the Airbnb for offices).


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