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Bachelor of International Management

Our Specializations
  • INTAKESeptember, March
  • CAMPUSGeneva, Barcelona, Madrid
  • DURATION3 years
  • LANGUAGE100% in English

Our pioneering three-year Bachelor of International Management program offers a unique educational experience, preparing students for success in the business world.

By studying on the Bachelor program, students are eligible for a double degree awarded by Geneva Business School and Universidad de Nebrija respectively:

  • Bachelor of International Management awarded by Geneva Business School.
  • Bachelor (título propio) of International Management awarded by Universidad de Nebrija.

For an even greater international experience, Bachelor students may also be eligible for additional degrees awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Fisher College and University of Management and Technology.

Master of International Management

Our Specializations
  • INTAKESeptember, March
  • CAMPUSGeneva, Barcelona, Madrid
  • DURATION1.5 years
  • LANGUAGE100% in English

The Master of International Management is a one-and-a-half-year postgraduate degree designed to give you the tools to become a successful manager in the constantly changing business world. As well as the core courses that give you a solid foundation, you will get specialist training that will fully prepare you to enter the working world.

Master of Business Administration

  • INTAKESeptember, March
  • CAMPUSGeneva
  • DURATION1.5 years
  • LANGUAGE100% in English

Geneva Business School’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has been designed to give you the most innovative training for future leadership.

With evening learning that fits into your life, innovative learning methods, personalized mentoring, and unique networking opportunities, you will develop management and problem-solving abilities essential for success in any business endeavor.

Doctorate of Business Administration

  • INTAKEOpen year-round
  • CAMPUSOnline
  • DURATION3 years
  • LANGUAGE100% in English

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) at Geneva Business School is aimed at business individuals who want to make a serious impact on the wider world.

Candidates focus on a business issue from their own experience and work alongside a hand-selected sector specialist and an academic manager who guide them as they work to solve an issue from their own professional situation.

Discover Our Specializations

With the option of industry-specific specializations, the program provides project-based learning, giving students a taste of how real work is done in high-performing companies.

International Finance

The specialization in International Finance is designed to enable you to continually adapt to constant changes in the world of finance and economics. You will be equipped with the tools to understand and manage all financial aspects within a private or public corporation and gain detailed knowledge of issues related to domestic and international financial institutions.

Gain opportunities to work as a stockbroker, financial director, fiscal consultant, and other industry roles.

International Relations

Our specialization in International Relations is a designed to provide you with the tools you will need to become a successful manager in international organizations.

Gain opportunities to work as a diplomat, civil servant, journalist, and other roles within International Relations.

Digital Marketing

With our specialization in Digital Marketing, we will provide you with a profound understanding of new and diverse strategies, progressive marketing tools, and effective communication. Graduates will be able to immediately immerse themselves in this ever-expanding sector and market businesses effectively through digital media networks.

Gain opportunities to work as a marketing director, social media manager, data analyst, and other roles within Digital Marketing.

Sports Management

The specialization in Sports Management is designed to provide you with the organization and communication tools to manage sports events, teams, federations, and sports clubs. Candidates will be equipped to become effective leaders and managers in the sports industry.

Gain opportunities to work as a sports agent, public relations officer, sports lawyer, and other industry management roles.


The specialization in Entrepreneurship provides innovative learning strategies and the most extensive network of entrepreneurs and experts, this program combines all the academic and practical frameworks, business skills, and strategies that are crucial for successful sustainable entrepreneurship ventures.

Gain opportunities to work as an entrepreneur, start-up advisor, investor, and other entrepreneurial roles.

Entertainment Industry

Our specialization in the Entertainment Industry is a three-year undergraduate degree designed to provide you with the tools needed to meet the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of the global entertainment industry.

Gain opportunities to work as a media producer, account executive, copyright manager, and other management roles.

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Why study with us?

Geneva Business School offers an exclusive and privileged education in a real international community, inspired by the Swiss learning philosophy. Through the concentration of core, orientation, and specialization courses, Geneva Business School strives to build the best foundation for its students with dynamic small class sizes.

At Geneva Business School we aim to provide our students with a real added value for both the present and the future, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive global market. Develop tangible leadership skills that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in the business world, while gaining practical experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Choose Geneva Business School for a transformative education that equips you to excel as a Responsible Leader in the ever-evolving landscape of business, with confidence and distinction.

Valmar Alve

Geneva Business School nurtures a safe learning environment where students understand and learn from their blunders. With an expansive network of seasoned teachers, precious links are developed, supplying numerous prospects for internships and professional progress. The absorbing classroom journey, coupled with valuable bonds with colleagues and educators, is key in my personal and occupational evolution.

Estonia, Bachelor's student

Lorena Campos

Choosing Geneva Business School was the best decision I made for my career. The multicultural environment, support of the team, and leadership weeks have helped me develop my skills as a responsible leader while growing as an individual. I feel at home, and would wholeheartedly recommend Geneva Business School to anyone seeking a transformative educational experience.

Brazil, Master’s student

Nasreen Tairou

What captivated me about Geneva Business School was its community-centric ethos and familial ambiance apparent from my journey's start. The ever-supportive staff, students, and faculty contribute to a comforting learning environment. It's incredible how much daily learning occurs, not just from professors, but the entire campus community. Indeed, the diverse blend of students and staff is a significant factor making Geneva Business School uniquely exceptional.

Gabon, MBA Student

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Geneva Business School provides professionally accredited business education on our three innovative campuses located in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. Our campus network offers students a unique opportunity to study in some of Europe’s most dynamic cities and benefit from the cultural and academic diversity they have to offer.


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