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Accommodation in Geneva

Geneva Business School offers three housing options within the city of Geneva. You have the flexibility to choose the housing option that you think will work best for your lifestyle. Feel free to ask us for more detailed contact information as needed. Finding accommodation in Geneva can be tough. We highly recommend that you start your search as early as you can. You can also search on social media and local forums to find rooms and houses, and you can even find new friends to share with. Be careful to verify your accommodation in person before you send any deposits to landlords.

Apartment Rental

You can choose to rent alone or share an apartment/studio with other Geneva Business School students. This option gives you a lot of flexibility and is a great way to experience living independently in Geneva´s exciting city.  Advance notice is highly recommended.

Student Residency

You can choose between a number of our student residencies partners in Geneva. Student residencies are a great place to meet and connect with other students from Geneva.

Host Family Stay

With this option, you will stay with a Swiss family, sometimes with room and food included. Staying with a host family is an excellent option as a newcomer interested in learning the language quickly and would like the security and ease of a family environment.

Students are required to find their own accommodation, but we have the list below plus this handy guide to help you out!
Download Geneva Accommodation Guide

Find your home in Geneva

In Geneva, our Student Services Department offers you a shortlist of options broken down by accommodation type to help you in your quest. Please note that you will have to book your accommodation yourself, however our Student Services staff are always here to assist you if you have any issues.

Student Residences

  • Graduate Institute - Les Grands Morillons: 
  • Contact: Nathalie Bauer
  • +4122 908 59 69

  • Point Commun
  • Contact:  Yves Gubelmann
  • +4122 809 10 10

  • Saint-Justin International Student Center
  • Christian Housing for Students
  • www.justinus.ch 

  • Centre Saint-Boniface
  • Student Residence
  • www.cstb.ch 

  • Cité Universitaire
  • Student Residence

  • Résidence Universitaires Internationales
  • Student Residence
  • www.frui.ch/site/fr 

Apartment Rental

  • Nettilac SA
  • Real Estate Website
  • Find apartments to rent
  • www.nettilac.ch 

  • Privera
  • Real Estate Website
  • Find apartments to rent
  • www.privera.ch/ 

  • Comparis
  • Real Estate Website
  • Find apartments to rent

  • Short term furnished apartments
  • www.genprop.ch 

Host Families

Hostels & Hotels

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