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5 things successful people don’t waste their time on

While the key to success isn’t always clear-cut, patterns emerge when you start to consider what truly makes successful people. Cutting out social media, workplace drama, and self-pity are easy first steps toward a better work life.

While the key to success isn’t always clear cut, patterns emerge when you start to consider what truly makes successful people. And Geneva Business School thinks these 5 things in particular are the key ingredients to the recipe which is success.

1. Social Media
While social media can be used as an important tool for business owners and other business professionals, there is a difference between using social media to further yourself and using social media to hinder yourself. Spending too much time scrolling through your Facebook feed just to see what your friend network is up to is a huge waste of time. Even if you spend one hour a day on social media, it adds up. What could you do with an extra 7 hours a week?
2. Drama
It is likely successful people have worked restlessly to get into the position they are currently at. Those long hours in the office or working from a coffee shop will undoubtedly cut into your personal life. While we strongly encourage a strong work-life balance, it’s also important to spend your personal time wisely. Don’t get sucked into the world of drama and negativity, surround yourself with people that can help further you professionally and personally, and spend your time with intent.
3. Feeling sorry for themselves
Most successful people understand that mistakes and downfalls are all a part of the learning process. Throughout your journey as a professional you will receive criticism, feedback that doesn’t jive with your thought process. You will make mistakes that cost money and time, along with other bumps in the road. Without these setbacks it is impossible to learn. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself take these items and grow, it will take you a lot further in the long run.
4. People pleasing
In order to rise to the top you will have to make some hard decisions. Maybe that means speaking out against the popular opinion in a meeting. Making decisions that you know are right will not always make everyone else happy. If you haven’t learned this yet, you will soon. It is impossible to make everyone happy rather than trying to, do what you think is right. There may be times that you are in the wrong, but spending too much time worrying about how other people feel will distract you from your end goal.
5. Impatience
Success doesn’t happen overnight. Many people get frustrated with the struggle of the road to success and give up. They anticipate immediate gratification and as soon as things don’t go their way they jump ship. Successful people don’t have time for impatience; they recognize the path and utilize patience. This practice can be very solitary not many supporters will stick around throughout the entire journey, but patience is the key.