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Industry Insights: Leadership, Investing, and Decision-Making

Learn the art of decision making from a top COO in New York

Leadership, Investing, and Decision-Making:
The COO Perspective

Guest Speaker: Alexandria Fisk

One of the core attributes of leadership and management is decision making and the better a person is at making the decisions, the easier life as a manager and leader can be. As a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of an organization, many of the top-level decisions fall on their shoulders and sometimes their work is a finely tuned balance of strategy, industry knowledge, and gut instinct. You have heard a million stories of growth, scale, and success from the visionary, the CEO, or the president, but the COO can often be the unsung hero or heroine of an organization. Providing insights that are applicable to many organizational roles, including that of the CEO, this Industry Insights will share the unique perspective of COO, a vital role in the C-suite of a company.

Alexandria Fisk has worked in large and small organizations, has started and ended a family business, and is currently the COO of a Life Sciences Investment Firm. At this month’s Industry Insights, Alex talks about her experience being the right hand to many successful leaders during her career, as well as lessons learned on her own entrepreneurial journey. Alex will walk through some of her key learnings and experiences and will be looking forward to hearing your questions.

About the Speaker

Alexandria Fisk is the COO at Casdin Capital. She joined the company in 2019 after 4 years as an independent consultant and advisor to growth-focused companies including Casdin Capital, where she has worked closely with the Investment Team for two years prior to taking on the COO role. A New York-based leading Life Sciences investment firm focused on innovations in molecular medicine that is currently reshaping Life Sciences and healthcare. With an eye to long-term returns and disruptive technologies, Casdin Capital is a recognized expert investing in over 100 private companies and benefiting from its position at the crossroads of the science and investment communities. As trusted investor-partners in both private and public companies, Casdin Capital collaborates with industry leaders to fuel their visions, adding energy, insight, and experience.

Prior to joining Casdin, Alex ran her own consultancy business working with technology companies as an advisor on strategy and advancing performance. Previously, Alex worked for a high-growth startup as a General Manager of a $100m product line. Alex began her career at UBS as a Business Analyst in London and progressed to the role of the COO of Macro Research, based in New York.

Alex holds a B.A (Hons) in Management from the University of Nottingham, she is CIMA qualified and holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing from NYU. Originally from the UK, she currently lives and works in New York.

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