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About Us

Welcome to Geneva Business School

We are thrilled you are here to discover the high-quality institution and professionally accredited programs that we provide.
Our motto, Real Business, Responsible Leaders, guides everything we do, from the programs we offer to the people we work with.
We are in the business of shaping leaders and launching careers through hands-on, personalized mentoring, and practical, modern education.
We truly cannot wait to share with you all the knowledge and experience we have at hand and to enable you to be your best professional self.

And now a little more about the business of being a responsible leader from our founder,
Professor Francis Kahn:

A responsible leader is a very strange animal. Why? Because they need to be very focussed, driven, professional, and business-oriented, but at the same time they have to look at the environment to ensure that everyone gets what they need and deserve. Every stakeholder, client, and authority. They need to be sure that they are diligent. That everything is done in the right way, without shortcuts, and with everyone’s best interests at heart.
  A Responsible Leader enjoys adding value to communities
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