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Meet our Student Council Members

Our campuses in Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid each have their own Student Council, comprised of current Geneva Business School students. The Student Council allows students to get involved in activities, events, and trips organized by Student Services, as well as to plan their own. The Student Council also gives students a voice and each campus' Council actively shares feedback and suggestions with our Academics team.

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Geneva Student Council

  • Nicky Junior Wilson is our President and also Academic Facilitator.
  • Céleste Leleu is our Communication Director.
  • Alejo Antonio Casla Guisasola is our Budget and Project Manager.
  • Adele Nedzinskaite is our Student Clubs & Social Events Manager. 
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Barcelona Student Council

Our council for 2021/2022 are:

  • President: Ioana Lungu
  • Vice President: Elena Novikova
  • Communication and Activities Director: Ronitt Agarrwal
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Madrid Student Council

  • President: Shaun Pereira
  • Vice President: Zeinabou Bunji
  • Communication and activities director: Audrey Carillo
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