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Navigating Foreign Affairs

As the World Faces Unparalleled Challenges, How Can We Shape the Future?
It’s Time for Responsible Business Leaders…

The Reality

International conflict. Food prices hiked around the globe. Temperatures hitting record highs across continents…

The world is facing stark challenges that require decisive action. Governments need to play their part, but so do businesses. We need real business leaders who can take responsibility for helping to shape a better, more sustainable world. 

Responsible Leaders

At Geneva Business School, global diplomacy and ethical leadership are a core part of the curriculum. It’s in our DNA. Swiss made, our campuses in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid house students representing over a 100 nationalities.

In the July / August edition of Foreign Affairs, the magazine’s Global Business School Guide outlined our ethos at Geneva Business School. As a private business school with an international mindset, our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the real world as responsible leaders. Here is how our CEO for Spain, Nicola Jackman, put it:

“Today, we need to acknowledge the role of private institutions and organizations in different parts of the world and how they can be active advocates and actors to try and help solve conflicts” 

In covering such pressing issues as sustainability and corporate diplomacy, we run courses on conflict resolution, international law, and human rights. And we also help students to develop essential soft skills like effective communication, which is vital for any international negotiations. 

With geopolitics and international relations being so important, we’ve built partnerships across states and industry sectors. Take our exclusive partnership with WFUNA for example. That’s the The World Federation of United Nations Association. By taking part in the UN Training Program, students can understand decision-making processes at state level and be prepared for future challenges.

Shape the Future

Arming students with all they need to navigate international business challenges is what Geneva Business School is all about. We can’t prevent wars or instantly stop climate change, but as responsible business leaders, we can make a positive impact in making the world a better place. If that’s how you see yourself, then the world needs you!