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Research at Geneva Business School: your questions answered

What does Geneva Business School do in terms of research? Read this article to find out.

What are the school’s research goals?

  1. Encouraging Geneva Business School faculty and students to engage in research activities and promoting the unity of research and teaching.
  2. Inspiring Geneva Business School faculty and students to adopt ethical practices, participate in research collaboration and share research findings.
  3. Contributing to the academic and business body of knowledge.

What are the school’s core research values?

  1. Commitment to the creation of knowledge and the unity of research and teaching.
  2. Commitment to the public good, human and business development and sustainable social change.
  3. A commitment to excellence and accountability to all stakeholders and the public in general.
  4. Respect for pluralism, diversity and academic independence.
  5. Transparency, integrity and honesty.

What are the school’s research areas?

  • Responsible leadership and management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial innovation
  • Digital marketing
  • Global governance and international development
  • Educational development

How does the school support research?

Research is a fundamental part of every program and course we deliver. All bachelor and master students are expected to engage in research activities as a component of every project they complete at the school. This culminates with a mandatory research-intensive final project at the end of their programs.

Graduate research is a fundamental part of the school’s research efforts. Doctoral and master students are invited to participate in research events as well as forge research collaborations with teaching faculty. Many of our doctoral students are also invited to create and teach their own courses, establishing a unique channel for the direct dissemination of research into the classroom. We encourage anyone interested in management and business research to contact us to learn more about opportunities to work or study with us.

The school encourages all teaching faculty to propose research projects to be funded or otherwise supported by the school. Proposals are reviewed by the school’s Research Review Panel, which consists of a group of expert researchers from across our campuses. Our research team provides recommendations and advice to maximise the viability and impact of all projects.

How are research projects evaluated?

All school-supported faculty projects are assessed using our research excellence framework both before and after the research has been carried out. This framework sets out the minimum requirements expected in five areas: viability of the project, clarity of objectives, significance of the problem, suitability of the selected research approach, and potential social impact. All research outputs are assessed on an annual basis.