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Welcome Leadership Week: Wrap-up

Bachelor and Master students are welcomed on campus, take part in case studies, and share their experience.

New Semester, New Students

As new Bachelor and Master students arrived at our campuses in Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid, they were quickly integrated into life at Geneva Business School.  

Across all three sites, there were campus tours, professional photoshoots, and academic taster sessions. And as part of Welcome Leadership Week, there was also the first challenge of preparing and presenting case studies. 

Case Studies

With a tight schedule and deadlines, students worked in teams to develop a business strategy for a real-world, multidisciplinary case study. Not only did the teams of students have to consider Ethics, Leadership, Legal and Finance, but they also needed to think about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Expansion and Marketing.

Vision and mission statements needed to be outlined. Viability plans had to be set out. Company structure, internationalization, and talent all had to be incorporated. Environmental, Social and Governance best practices as well as Corporate Social Responsibility had to be taken into account  

Collaboration and teamwork were key, as was thinking outside of the box. In fact, there was no box. So, how did the students do? CEO of our Spain campuses, Nicola Jackman was on the case study panel in Barcelona and she had this to say:

I really enjoyed the effort and passion in which students defended their work. Sustainable development and creativity was really present throughout.

Faculty member Victoriano Travieso was also on the panel alongside Nicola. As a practicing lawyer with expertise in many aspects of international business law and digital law, he was also full of praise for the students:

It was a big learning experience for the students. To develop business strategies in such a short time span was incredibly impressive.

Student Experience

It wasn’t all work and no play. In Barcelona, the week ended with an escape challenge and networking drinks in a rooftop bar. In Geneva, students navigated a murder mystery game and dipped into fondue. While in Madrid, there was Spanish food and a day trip to Warner Brothers Amusement Park. 


This is the stimulating and enjoyable experience new students are welcomed with at Geneva Business School. But don’t just take our word for it. As part of our ‘Unfiltered’ video interview series, we asked students what the first week was like for them. Watch the first video and you’ll see how excited our new students are to start their journey with us.