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Who wants to study an MBA in Fine Art?

Geneva Business School launches world’s first MBA focusing on the Art Industry

Geneva Business School launches world’s first MBA focusing on the Art Industry

The Fine Arts industry is transforming. The virtual world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has sparked a wave of innovation that is challenging expectations. Artists, collectors, dealers, and general practitioners are finding new mediums, and digital tools are becoming the norm.

The rate at which technology is assisting the distribution, management, and sales of Fine Art globally has highlighted the need for education in business management practices specific to the lucrative world of Fine Art.

From September 2021, Geneva Business School, with the assistance of leading experts and innovators in the business of fine art, will begin to develop the next generation of managers in the Fine Art sector. Students get first-hand access to some of the most sought-after experts in the areas of Art Finance, Art Law, Ethics & Compliance, Art History, Fine Art Logistics, Entrepreneurship, and more.

A management program of this caliber and depth does not exist anywhere else in Europe. Taught in the birthplace of art law and home to the oldest active freeport in the world, Geneva Business School has created an expert faculty selected from industry leaders such as Lalive (Art Law pioneer), Deloitte (Art Finance), Institut Restellini (Museum Management), Nelly Wenger (Strategic Management), and ArtNow! (Art History) for the only MBA of its kind.

The revolutionary new program will begin in September this year and will be taught 100% in English for the global art market with the final semester offering the option to study remotely for maximum flexibility.

The Fine Art International Management MBA will produce a new breed of business graduates, able to combine knowledge of the creative field of Fine Art with core financial and strategic management skills. Graduates will develop an understanding of the business of Fine Art with a diverse syllabus comprising finance, art law, art history, ethics & compliance, marketing, business management, technology, and logistics. Become an asset manager, work for a bank or museum, specialize in Art Law or Art sales using cryptocurrency and NFTs.

This exclusive and intensive program is a unique opportunity to network with the best and be offered top positions in the art world. The core faculty is totally dedicated to assisting students to shape their careers in the most effective way through mentoring, practical case studies, a well-rounded study plan, networking opportunities, and a practical approach to preparing graduates to make a lasting impact in the Art world.

During the course of their studies, students have the opportunity to meet important figures in the arts industry. Instructors will introduce the best candidates from the program to major players in the industry with a view to secure employment opportunities.

This MBA specialization track is only available on the Geneva campus which is ideally located in the heart of global governance with the United Nations on our doorstep, and close to the oldest active freeport in the world housing one of the largest art collections worldwide with an estimated art collection value of US$100 billion.

Geneva is the birthplace of Art Law as we know it today with the pioneering Lalive law firm who founded this specialty at UNIGE in 1991. Compliance in Fine Art law and management is an area this MBA will pay specific attention to in the context of anti-monetary law. Furthermore, Switzerland is also the home of the most celebrated art fair in the world, the ArtBasel.

Not all learning takes place in the classroom, however. Geneva Business School provides 6 conferences with keynote speakers, authorities in their field, exposing the students to first-hand knowledge of the industry and allowing them the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from experts at the cutting edge of this dynamic field of business.

In addition, each semester the MBA cohorts come together for intensive Leadership Development weeks, currently being held online across the Geneva Business School campus network and provide the unique opportunity for Master’s students to network across disciplines and campuses.

Sixtine Crutchfield-Tripet, Program Manager said: “There has never been a more exciting time to get into the art world. The pace of change over the past year has been electric. The added complexities, brought by new digital formats, have highlighted the need in the industry for people with real business management expertise. We have designed this course specifically to meet that demand.
I am thrilled with the response that this idea has had from some of the biggest names in the business or art who have agreed to join the teaching faculty. It is a unique opportunity for both graduates and professionals to learn from some of the best, giving them a competitive edge in their future careers in the art business world.â€

Be the first to study a fully immersive MBA in Fine Art International Management (FAIM). Gain high-level expertise from professionals in all areas of the Fine Art management sector with our pioneering FAIM MBA. Geneva Business School has been able to bring together educators among the top experts related to each of the seven specialized courses to offer the first comprehensive MBA program for the Fine Arts Industry.

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