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Winter Wrap-up

Students Gain Real Business Experience from Responsible Leaders

Student Experience

As the semester started with Welcome Leadership Week, Bachelor students faced their first challenge – working in teams to develop a business strategy for a real-world, multidisciplinary case study. While for Master students, there was a simulation case study project, with teams competing across campuses as they faced the challenge of managing their own brand of sneakers. 

How did new students feel as they embarked on their journey to be responsible business leaders? What kind of leaders do they aspire to be? And how has the whole semester gone for them? In our video series Unfiltered, students give their fresh take and share their experience.

Real Business

To capture the professional passion of faculty at Geneva Business School, we released another video series called Behind the Minds. Martina Guzman kicked it off with a powerful interview about sustainability. 

To mark World Mental Health Day, Dr. Adil Qureshi spoke with real empathy about the challenge of being human and making mistakes. And on United Nations Day, Adrian Fleming talked about reimagining boundaries in international relations. 

Luigi Ronsivalle highlighted the impact of AI on digital marketing. Dr. Dag Flachet provided real insight into entrepreneurship and gamification. Dr. Victoriano Travieso imparted his experience and knowledge on law. While Dr. Elena Emma merged art and finance. 

With language classes also provided at the school, Spanish instructor Cristina Sospedra spoke about the importance of cultural immersion. And French teacher Anna Comellas shared her experience about learning languages. 

Responsible Leaders

As our motto goes, real business is matched with responsible leadership. Is Sustainable Development up to governments and companies? Or is it something we can take personal responsibility for? In a course run by Martina Guzman, one group of students took up the challenge of turning Sustainability goals into practical action plans that we can all be involved in.

Linked to sustainability, greenwashing is a serious issue. Why do companies do this and why does it matter? Chaired by Julie Angel, an expert panel discussion on the impact of greenwashing gave students in Madrid the chance to hear from industry professionals.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Alexandrina Pauceanu outlined how digital transformation is shaping the future of education and business at the Science Summit in New York. And Dr. Carlos Hernández organized consultancy career visits to Tech Barcelona.

Student Opportunities

Back in September, students seized the opportunity to mingle with sports industry experts, as well as take part in exclusive masterclass and meet & greet sessions at the World Football Summit in Seville. It was an opportunity that has led to direct career advancement for some students.

And in October, students in Geneva took part in the Advanced Training Program at the UN. In an exclusive partnership between the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) and Geneva Business School, the students gained insights into global governance as well as invaluable career opportunities.

That’s a wrap for this semester. It’s been pretty action-packed. And after the winter break, there will be even more opportunities for students to gain real business experience on their journey to be responsible leaders.