Master Program Specialization

  • INTAKEFebruary, September
  • CAMPUSGeneva, Barcelona, Madrid
  • DURATION1.5 years / 3 semesters
  • LANGUAGE100% in English

The Master of International Management with Specialization in Entrepreneurship is an 18-month degree program focused on building and growing future responsible entrepreneurs.

Learn by doing! Join our program with a business proposition.  We shall help you accelerate and validate your business idea.  Exposing your idea to the practicalities of the real world and applying practical frameworks, validate your venture into a minimum viable product. You will learn to pivot and adapt your idea in order to penetrate the market and grow your company into a successful, sustainable business.

Minimum Admission Requirements (non-academic):

  • An idea or a concept for your business. A business plan and/or a value proposition canvas are preferred.
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of management, marketing, finance, etc.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking skills
  • A coachable, proactive & entrepreneurial mindset

Key Take-aways

  • Learn how to prepare your business plan and respond to uncertainty in a sustainable way
  • Develop your management, organizational, communication and strategic skills required for launching and leading your new enterprise while becoming a responsible startup leader
  • Master the lean startup methodology and its implementation
  • Take your business idea and transform it into a viable, sustainable business, able to attract investors and grow it into a successful, thriving company.
  • Expand your knowledge and network in the global startup industry
  • Understand the importance of the finance and legal aspects of business startups

Study Entrepreneurship

Career Options

  • Product Management Director
  • Gameday Operations Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Sport Marketing Analyst
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Agent
  • Event Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Social Media Manager

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