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A World First Beach Clean-Up Day

Barcelona Campus joined forces with AURA headphones and Clic Recycle to clean up the beach!

Silent Disco Beach Clean-Up in Barcelona: A First for World Clean-Up Day

In honor of World Clean-Up Day, our staff and students took to the beach last week to collect litter. However, it wasn’t your typical beach cleanup! We weren’t walking or even running – we were plogging! Plogging is a sustainable initiative invented in Sweden which combines both jogging and picking up litter.

AURA is one of our very own student startups! They provided wireless headphones to everybody taking part so we were ready to clean boogie to our favorite soundtrack as we plogged along.

AURA is a headphone rental service that was co-founded by one of our very own Bachelor’s students, Manuel Wotsch. AURA’s headphones meant that we could dance all the way from our Barcelona campus in Plaça Catalunya, down Via Laietana towards the beach while we picked up litter along the way.

Silent disco beach clean – let’s dance!

AURA is a dynamic silent disco startup. It was created with the goal that people can experience music whenever and wherever they are. With AURA Headphones, everyone can listen to music they like because of a three music channel system. We also organize weekly events such as silent discos for everyone to enjoy their favorite kind of music!

– Manuel Wotsch, Founder AURA Silent Disco & Bachelor’s Student


The plastic problem

Researchers report that our oceans contain over 5 trillion pieces of plastic, with this much plastic in the ocean, it inevitably washes up on our shores.

As a result, the effect of plastic pollution on marine life can be devastating, as fish, birds, sea turtles, and more wash up dead on our shores after consuming plastic.

The majority of the trash that was found consisted of cigarette butts, plastic bags, and various microplastics.


Beach cleanups to the rescue!

Last week’s coastal cleanup was also in collaboration with Clic Recycle, an online community with a common goal of a waste-free world.

They are a community committed to the idea of donating items instead of throwing them out to promote zero-waste initiatives. They also host events such as beach cleanups, recycling challenges, and workshops on how to reuse items you may no longer need.

By bringing awareness of this important topic to Geneva Business School students, the next generation of business leaders, the hope is that it will help them to make the right choices to incorporate and execute sustainable corporate goals in their future careers.

Taking part in the beach clean-up really opened my eyes to how much plastic waste people throw away on the roadside and at the beach rather than disposing of it properly. We need to take care of the environment for future generations. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution!

– Lencer Dominic, Bachelor’s Student

If you’re in Barcelona, learn more about how you can get involved with Clic Recycle. Change starts with you!

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