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Welcome Leadership Week

Making new students feel at home as they embark on a unique journey

New Semester, New Students

Each semester, we make new students feel at home across our campuses, setting you up for your educational journey with Welcome Leadership Week. We are one school across three cities and creating a thriving community is an integral part of our DNA. With this safety net, you can prepare for the challenges of being future responsible leaders in the world of business.

Meet & Greet

Whether you’re arriving in Geneva, Barcelona or Madrid, our dedicated student experience team is on hand to support you with a smile. From campus tours and academic queries to setting up bank accounts and health insurance, we’ll guide you through the essential administrative tasks as well as easing you into your new surroundings.

Trips & Visits

You’ll get the opportunity to explore your new city with fellow students, making new friends as we show you around. The World Trade Center in Geneva, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and Warner Amusement Park in Madrid are just a few of the must-visit spots in the different cities. It’s a chance to engage with the local culture, savor traditional food and forge long-lasting friendships.  

Academic Journey

Of course, we also need to guide you through the academic do’s and don’ts. With our expert academic teams, you’ll learn all you need to know about studying at Geneva Business School. From avoiding plagiarism to Google classrooms, we’ll provide essential guidance on expectations and the tools we use. There will also be Q&A sessions with faculty and alumni so you can ask any questions you have.

Case Studies

As a student at Geneva Business School, you’ll delve into numerous case studies throughout your program. Welcome Leadership Week offers a preview of this hands-on, practical learning approach, as you collaborate with classmates to develop and present your inaugural case study. These projects cover crucial elements for success in the business world. You’ll be guided by our expert faculty and present your projects to your peers, showcasing your collaborative efforts. 

Dinner & Drinks

With so much packed into Welcome Week, it’s important to unwind with a well-deserved dinner and drinks experience. Over Swiss Fondue or Spanish tapas, it’s the time to socialize, relax and develop lasting connections. With your admin sorted, your academic questions answered, a first case study under your belt and friendships developing, the world of business is yours to explore.

Welcome Leadership Week

Real Business. Responsible Leaders. That’s our motto and we’re here to guide you on your journey to become responsible business leaders, starting with Welcome Leadership Week. So, get ready to start designing your future. Bring an open-mind, be up for a challenge and know that we are here for you every step of the way. And in preparation, start thinking about what kind of business leader you want to become.