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IACBE European Regional Conference 2020

On Thursday 22 October, Geneva Business School will virtually host the annual conference for IACBE


IACBE European Regional Conference 2020

22 October 2020
Virtual Conference
Hosted by Geneva Business School, Barcelona Campus

Geneva Business School will be virtually hosting the 2020 IACBE European Regional Conference this year. The International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), accredits business, accounting, and business-related degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in institutions of higher education worldwide.
Geneva Business School Barcelona is proud to partner with IACBE to hold a lively one-day virtual conference with some of our key faculty. This one day conference will include three sessions devoted to exploring issues related to the theme:

Future Disruption – A new dawn for higher education?

The conference will feature sessions addressing the following sub-themes:

Teaching Finance after the new dawn

Damien Bezançon

In recent months, the world has gone through unprecedented changes that affected almost every aspect of our lives. In education, we have gone through the disruption of moving online or to a blended format overnight, as well as adapting our pedagogy. This revolution being (almost) complete, we now realize that the very content of what we teach has been disrupted too. In finance, how can we teach the risk-return correlation in times of ‘too big to fail’ and emergency packages? How can we teach statistical tools that ignore extreme events when black swans have been everything we have been subject to in the past 20 years? We will explore these contradictions and try and find a way to overcome these difficulties, maybe even to turn them into opportunities, for our finance classes.

Faculty and student “buy-in†to the hybrid model: Challenges and best practices

Dr. Oliver Elliott

The coronavirus crisis has led educational institutions across the world to shift to a hybrid learning model which combines face-to-face and online learning. For some faculty and students, this new approach has not been popular, with widespread concern that it creates “two-tier†classroom environments and greatly complicates teaching without a commensurate benefit to learning. We encourage presentations that explore these issues from both the student and faculty perspectives, with the goal of sharing and defining best practices of immediate practical relevance to schools facing this great educational challenge.

Quality assurance in the hybrid model

Dr. Roy Mouawad

As educational institutions shift to a hybrid learning model many administrators and educators are raising questions related to the quality assurance cycle, such as: How do we uphold our teaching and learning standards in a hybrid model? How do we ensure that the learning environment (content and facilities) is fit for purpose? How can we develop a quality culture that is embraced by all? How do we balance equality and fairness in the classroom? We encourage presentations that help answer these questions, with the goal of sharing lessons learned and best practices.

Proposal Deadline: 8 October 2020

We are particularly interested in proposals relating to the three sub-themes but will consider any proposals that touch on the main conference theme.

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Interested participants, please contact our Quality Director Roy Mouawad

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2020 IACBE European Regional Conference Timetable

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Join Ted Collins, Vice President of Member Services and Marketing, as he covers updates from IACBE Headquarters.
Also joining us will be Paul Malette from Peregrine Global Services presenting The Application of Theory: How to Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities and Assess the Results.