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Industry Insights – Jaime Fortuño Vidal

Learn how to innovate in Sports Management

Entrepreneurship in the football sector

Guest Speaker: Jaime Fortuño Vidal

Co-founder and Sports Management innovator, Jaime Fortuño Vidal will be talking about how his company, MBP School of Coaches, has remained agile in business in the football sector, particularly in an area that was really difficult to innovate as it was closed to former pro players or big clubs. He will be looking closely at how his company has overcome all these challenges and how they have been able to add value to the football sector.

About the Speaker

Jaime Fortuño Vidal is the co-founder of MBP School of Coaches and the co-founder of 4-Football. He is a former international sales manager in the industrial sector. Jaime holds an MBA in Sports Management,is a graduate of The Power MBA as well as studying a Business Degree.

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