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Industry Insights Mariano Ganduxer

Mariano Ganduxer, CEO and Founder of is going to talk about entrepreneur mentality, weaknesses and strengths, idea creation and development and team and company building.

Entrepreneur Spirit and Features

Guest Speaker: Mariano Ganduxer

Mariano Ganduxer is going to introduce us to Entrepreneurial Spirit and Features, entrepreneur mentality, weaknesses and strengths, idea creation and development, together with team and company building.

About the Speaker

Mariano is fortunate to enjoy the teachings of his father, a renown and successful figure in the hotel, energy and leasing business fields. As a child, Mariano had the privilege to travel and visit over 40 countries, acquiring immense cultural awareness, allowing him to develop a great vision of the world and of the human mind.

Mariano Ganduxer began working at the age of 17 at a family group gas station, to later participate in the construction and assembly of a hotel located in Vila Seca (Barcelona). During this same time, he combined work with studies, such as Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Criminology at the School of Criminology of Catalonia, or multimedia and architecture at La Salle. However, Mr Ganduxer never got to finish his studies, but they did contribute to his overarching desire to learn and understand.

Later on in life he did obtain a double degree in Political Science and Public Management and recently he finished a master’s degree in sports marketing.

From a professional perspective, in 2015 he began working as an investment advisor for GrupBonanova. Mr Ganduxer is also CEO and founder of, an e-sports platform. Concerned about developing new services and products that could help humanity to be more productive and efficient, He has developed applications such as MyLead, a resource and contact management app; or GuideVoice, an alarms app guided by voice and video with customizable folders and subfolders.

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