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Industry Insights – Uliana Torkunova

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Building MVPs

How to build an MVP without spending a lot of money.

Guest Speaker: Uliana Torkunova

In this fascinating edition of Industry Insights, Uliana Torkunova will show us how to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) without spending a lot of money on it. She will look at alternatives to mobile apps and practical tips for the process of building MVPs.
About the Speaker

Uliana Torkunova is the founder and CEO of several tech companies with a focus on mobility and connected cars: LetMePark, LetMeCharge, LetMeVoice, and Next Predictive Mobility Services.

LetMePark and LetMeCharge are mobility and connected car companies providing personalized and advanced parking and electric charging services through automatization, algorithms, connected car technology and voice services. LetMeVoice is a voice agency offering the development of voice apps.

Uliana won Women Entrepreneur of the Year (2020) twice, awarded by Madrid City Hall and ASEME, Founder of the Year (Spain) and was regional finalist in the Global Startup Awards. She is a former TEDx Speaker and Startup Mentor. Uliana is also a Member of QVIXOTE LEADER, a Spanish selection of young leaders, and is a member of the Leader of Women in Tech Entrepreneurial Cluster.

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