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Last Day of Classes – Spring Semester 2023

Final class dates for Spring Semester for all programs across our three campuses.

As we close the Spring semester at Geneva Business School, we extend our congratulations to all our students for their impressive academic achievements over the past weeks. We acknowledge the dedication put in their work and we’re incredibly proud of their growth and development.

Final Class Dates

Bachelor’s (All campuses): 2nd June

Master’s & MBA (Geneva & Madrid): 9th June

Master’s & MBA (Barcelona): 16th June

For many of our students, this will be the final day in their academic journey. We’re confident that the skills and knowledge they’ve gained from studying with us will provide a solid foundation for their future careers. Our esteemed faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to provide an enriching academic experience, and we’re grateful for their support.

As we bid farewell, we want to remind our graduating students that they’re part of the Geneva Business School community, and we encourage them to stay connected as they venture into their careers.

The next stop is our Presentation Week, the culmination of many weeks of work put into this semester’s major projects.

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